Brianna Koch

A photo of Brianna smiling and standing in front of a beige and cream wall. She has brown slightly curled hair and is wearing a blue and white striped shirt.
Senior Product Designer
San Diego, CA



Amplifying Creativity: A Remote-First Approach to Solution Ideation Workshops

Women In Tech Global Conference, 2024

Amplifying Creativity: A New Approach to Group Design Ideation Sessions

UXDX Community, 2024

Redesigning the Design Studio: New Format, Better Outcomes

UXPA Conference Austin, 2023

Episode: "The Friends We Made Along the Way"

Surviving UX Podcast, 2023

Exploring Digital Heuristics in Public Transporation

SDXD Meetup, 2023

How to Talk to Junior Designers

Enterprise UX Conference, 2018


Building Consensus When Making Subjective Design Decisions

Medium, 2024
The science behind “gut feelings” and how bodily signals can aid your decision-making

A Designer’s Intuition

Medium, 2023
The science behind “gut feelings” and how bodily signals can aid your decision-making

Supporting UX Designers with Impostor Syndrome

Medium, 2021
What to say to someone with impostor syndrome and how to successfully support them during stressful periods of professional development

Accessibility and usability: designing a more usable interface for everyone

Medium, 2020
How to create a more accessible and usable experience one small decision at a time

About Me

Having designed B2B software for the past 8 years, I'm motivated by large, complex, and messy problems. I claim the title "UX Generalist" proudly—I love leading a team through the full cycle of research, ideation, validation, implementation, and iteration.

I've taken a special interest in both learning and educating my teams about accessible web design practices and creative ideation tactics.
I'm particularly passionate about engaging my developer and product management teammates in the research and design process, helping them connect deeply with customer problems, and fostering environments where anyone can produce innovative solutions.

In my free time, I love consuming psychology and neuroscience research to make sense of the conditions that lead our brains to the most creative solutions. This became the basis for my 2023 UXPA talk.
creator + learner
As a person, I'm a serial hobbyist who's passionate about lifelong learning and creating for joy. I take weekly Spanish classes, try out different craft and art classes around my city, and regularly practice some of my favorites creative outlets at home (flower arranging, sewing and upcycling clothes, photo editing, and more).